Our Story

Our story is one that is simple but comprehensive. 

Michelle grew up in a family who has run a financial service firm for over thirty years. It is a part of her pedigree. Since a teenager, she has worked in the family business filing tax forms for clients and handling general administration for the firm. She became a licensed CTEC [California Tax Education Counsel] at the age of 18. In recent years, she launched a bookkeeping service for small business and non-profit organizations. As you can see, it's part of who she is. Additionally, having worked in a photography firm,  and in and around small business over the years, she understands the demands of time and the value of resources when it comes to small business. 

Daniel has worked in non-profit management for over 11 years. He launched his own not-for-profit organization in 2008. He understands the rigors of running a company and the importance of proper records in order to comply with the laws of the State. With 4 years of sales experience, he understands what it means to listen to you and understand your needs. It's not about selling something to you, rather, he thrives in helping you set a course that will allow you to achieve your dreams. 

With this foundation and experience, we have created a service that we believe will help you reach your dreams. We understand the headache of keeping track of the financial inflow and outflow. It can consume you and keep you from doing what it is you really love. We combine our expertise to help you achieve your dream - not live in frustration. We embrace the challenge of taking your headache and relieving the burden you carry day in and day out. 

Together we form a comprehensive team which knows and understands your needs.  

Our Service

How we will make you successful :

There is not a one size fits all when it comes to a client-service-provider relationship. We approach each business as its own unique identity, which has its own unique set of needs. Businesses are made up of people and people who have dreams. Unless we know you as a person, we cannot service and make you successful. We take time to know you. It is worth it to us. Your dreams matter to us. 

Once we know who you are, establish your needs, and where you are going, we tailor our service to inform, guide, and correct you along the way when it comes to the monthly inflow and outflow of your precious resource - money. With knowledge and perspective comes power and with our service you will gain the knowledge and perspective to empower you to make wise and sound decisions to grow your business. We prepare you for tax season and seek to make that time of year less of a headache. We seek to remove the drudgery of bookkeeping. Because, after all, we are here to do what you hate so you are free to do what you love.

Our Commitment : 

- Know who you are 

- Assess your needs 

- Accomplish your dreams